Social Responsibility and Sustainability

Our Commitment to Social Responsibility & Sustainability

Circular Fashion
We are committed to be a circular fashion company, designing garments for longevity and we are dedicated to reducing landfill by designing high quality garments to own forever.

We source and use high quality, ethical material, including animal friendly leather and fur alternatives.

Designed in Australia - our head office is in Melbourne, where we operate with an in-house garment development model, supporting Australian Fashion Industry workers.

Supply chain - the decline of the Australian-based manufacturing industry limits our on-shore production possibilities.

Estelle Clothing strives to produce the highest quality garments in line with sustainable practices with our offshore manufacturers. We have our very-own offshore manufacturer based in Nanjing China, that operates with ethical, social, and environmental standards for all employees.

We strive to reduce our impact on the environment, working towards sustainable packaging.

By late-2023 100% of our online packaging will be biodegradable. Our current packaging is made from recycled plastic.

By late-2023 100% of our labelling and tags will be made from recycled or biodegradable materials.