Our Journey

With more than two decades of experience crafting the perfect fit, Estelle is a plus-size label that prides itself on designing, manufacturing and distributing garments for the global woman. Each Estelle garment is designed by an expert team in Australia before being fitted and reworked against the needs and desires of the contemporary woman. Versatile fabrications, eye-catching prints and considered embellishments are utilized to create fashion-oriented garments that never compromise on wearability.

The Estelle Woman

The Estelle woman is a beacon of confidence and modernity. She understands that fashion is not solely about the clothes one wears, but rather, how they are worn. Being a dedicated professional, she seeks versatile pieces that effortlessly transition from desk to dinner and adapt to every moment in between.

The Estelle Collection

Having developed a reputation for crafting perfectly fitting garments, Estelle takes great pride in its heritage. Each Estelle collection reflects subtle nods to Australia through the considered application of color, texture, fabrication and print. Garment shape and functionality are reminiscent of the relaxed Australian coastal cool lifestyle and energetic cityscapes.

The Estelle range features something for every occasion… from reliable classics to statement-making wardrobe standouts that make women look and feel their best every day.